IMPAC5 Joins Students on Ice Expedition

On September 17, IMPAC5’s Noémie Roy boarded an ice breaker to join the Students on Ice Foundation’s (SOI) first ever Ocean Conservation Expedition. The expedition started in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia and for the month of September navigated the waters around Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy.

Noémie on the deck of the Polar Prince
Noémie on the deck of the Polar Prince

Aboard the ship, Indigenous community representatives, academics, artists, Government of Canada representatives and others worked together to create an education, research and collaboration platform for those engaged in the stewardship and protection of Marine Protected Areas and Other Effective area-based Conservation Measures.

The expedition took place aboard the Polar Prince, an Indigenous-owned expedition vessel, where SOI and partners onboard engaged in intergenerational dialogue, whale and marine bird research, micro plastic sampling, and much more. Check out the Ocean Conservation Expedition website for photo and video updates on the expedition.

During the expedition Noémie, who also works with Parks Canada, led a discussion on ocean literacy and how to create stronger relationships between Canadians and the ocean. She also raised awareness about youth engagement at IMPAC5 and explored potential collaborations with the organizations represented on board.

Young people from all nations and backgrounds play important leadership, stewardship and decision-making roles in marine protected areas and ocean conservation. IMPAC5 is pleased to have been able to take part in this first ever Ocean Conservation Expedition with SOI. Visit IMPAC5.ca/young-professionals and IMPAC5.ca/indigenous/ to learn more about how youth and Indigenous perspectives are helping to shape and participate in thematic discussions at IMPAC5.

Noémie steering the Polar prince
Noémie got to steer the Polar Prince through the Minas Passage in the Bay of Fundy. She is wearing a 3D-printed crown created by Alanna Baird, one of the expedition’s resident artists.