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IMPAC5 is where we will come together and take a stand to protect the ocean.

Theme goal

  • Building on over two decades of active MPA establishment and management, 2023 is an opportune year to take stock of our collective knowledge, experiences and ways of knowing the ocean to ensure current and future MPAs build resiliency to climate change and are designed to conserve and restore biodiversity.

Global commitments have accelerated the degree to which countries develop, implement and actively manage MPAs. In 2010, 196 states adopted the Aichi target 11 calling for 10% of coastal and marine areas to be conserved by 2020. Many countries have signaled a commitment to protecting 30% of the land and sea by 2030.

As nations commit to these ambitious protection targets, the challenge of designing and managing effective MPAs will require approaches, resources and tools that are sustainable, inclusive and resilient. 

Key questions to focus discussion and support proposal development

  1. How can MPAs successfully address the dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate change?
  2. What is the role of MPAs in mitigating climate change?
  3. How can we better design MPAs and networks of MPAs to be resilient to climate change impacts and effects?