Last set of Protecting Blue Nature podcasts released!

Welcome to the last release of Protecting Blue Nature episodes. During the course of this podcast season, we have tapped into the deep knowledge of marine conservation professionals and learned about the stories of the people working to create marine protected areas. The conversations taking place in Protecting Blue Nature are not only related to the themes and streams of IMPAC5, but also the rich personal and professional experience of the podcast guests.  

The podcast features eight episodes with conversations between hosts Aneri Garg and Isabelle Groc. We hope that these last four podcasts both inform and inspire you, whether you are a seasoned marine practitioner or someone wanting to learn more about ocean topics today.

Thanks for listening along!

Episode 5 – Alexander Mawyer

Podcast host Aneri Garg chats with Alexander Mawyer, the director of Centre for Pacific Islands Studies at the University of Hawaii and former editor of The Contemporary Pacific: A Journal of Island Affairs.

As a social scientist, Mawyer explains what he sees as the building blocks of building a sustainable blue economy. Reflecting on his work with the Mangeraven community in the Gambier and Society Islands of French Polynesia and Chuukese and Mortlock communities in the Federated States of Micronesia, Mawyer shares many lessons on the importance of local community-driven ocean economies. Search for Mawyer’s presentation at IMPAC5!

Episode 6 – Magena Warrior and Trish Nash

Culture, food security, commerce, and recreation are intertwined with ocean health. Individuals and communities draw incredible inspiration and sustenance from the ocean, which is expressed in all forms of cultural practices and artistic endeavors.

Magena Warrior and Patricia ‘Trish’ Nash share their unique perspectives as Indigenous marine practitioners and explain the connections between the ocean, culture and wellbeing.  

Warrior is a member of the IMPAC5 Young Professionals Committee and is a marine planner based in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Warrior will also be giving a speed talk at IMPAC5, be sure to search her name in CHIME. Trish Nash is the Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas Program Manager for the Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources based in Eskasoni, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Learn more about what conservation means through the lens of Indigenous values, how communities can be involved in marine protection and how governments can learn to work with Indigenous communities in this interesting three-way discussion.

Episode 7 – Cecile Tang

Young people from all nations and backgrounds play important leadership, stewardship and decision-making roles in marine protected areas and ocean conservation. As the present and future stewards of the ocean, young professionals’ voices and ambitions will be heard and acknowledged throughout the Congress. Their drive, commitment to marine protection and actions will ensure long term ocean protection for generations.

Host Isabelle Groc learns about what it’s like to be a young professional in the conservation field from Cecile Tang. Tang, originally from France and China but now residing in Montreal is a member of the IMPAC5 Young Professional Committee and the co-founder of Youth for Wildlife Conservation.

Episode 8 – Belinda Webb

“Don’t give up. If you have a vision for what you would like to see in the future. Just keep working at it. Find your key partners… Find people who support your vision. And don’t give up.”

Recognizing the important roles that Indigenous Peoples have always held in protecting and stewarding nature, IMPAC5 embraces the need to heed Indigenous perspectives, voices and knowledge from around the world.

The last episode of Protecting Blue Nature focuses on Indigenous peoples leadership in marine protection. Aneri Garg speaks with Belinda Webb, Nunatsiavut Government’s Deputy Minister of Language, Culture and Tourism. Webb explains her connections to the fjords, fish and ice of Nunatsiavut and the importance of Inuit knowledge holders and scientific researchers working together.

Webb, an Inuit person who works and lives in Nain, Labrador is involved in many collaborative governance and management that steward the land and water of Nunatsiavut including the feasibility assessment of creating a new IPA/National Marine Conservation Area Reserve adjacent to the Torngat Mountains National Park. Webb is also presenting at IMPAC5!

If you enjoyed these podcasts be sure to check out our other four Protecting Blue Nature epsiodes featuring Minna Epps from the IUCN, Daniel Pauly from the Sea Around Us, Britt Wray of the Stanford School of Medicine and Tammy Norgard of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Protecting Blue Nature is available wherever you listen to your podcasts or on our IMPAC5 YouTube channel.