IMPAC5 is where we will come together and take a stand to protect the ocean.

Theme goal

  • Stimulate the global dialogue among a diverse network of individuals, organizations and governments to advance the interconnectedness of ocean culture, commerce, recreation, education and food security.

Nearly 2.4 billion people—or about 40 percent of the world’s population—live within 100 km of the coast (UN FactSheet 2017).

Culture, food security, commerce, and recreation are intertwined with ocean health. Individuals and communities draw incredible inspiration and sustenance from the ocean, which is expressed in all forms of cultural practices and artistic endeavors.

As the world recovers from the human toll and economic impacts of the pandemic, our complex cultural, historical, ethical and spiritual relationship with the ocean needs to be fully explored and aligned with future planning for ocean conservation.  We have the opportunity to pause and carefully consider the connection between ocean, culture and human well-being to ensure the social, human, environmental, and economic sustainability of MPAs at the local, regional and global level.

Key questions to focus discussion and support proposal development

  1. What role does a global network of MPAs play in shaping policies and practices around food security, nutrition and health?
  2. What is the role of the exchange of ideas, information, art, language and other aspects of culture among nations and their people in fostering networks of effective MPAs?
  3. How can public and community engagement be leveraged to raise awareness, deepen understanding and strengthen the support for the role of MPAs in ocean protection?