Titouan Bernicot

Titouan Bernicot is the founder & CEO of Coral Gardeners. He grew up on a pearl farm on a small atoll, in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Coral reefs gave him everything in his life, from the waves he surfs to the food he eats and the oxygen he breathes. Titouan started Coral Gardeners in 2017, while he was only 16 years old, and brought the organization to a team of over 30 members, gathering around him a movement of over half a million people to save the coral reefs. Together, with his team, Titouan has planted over 30,000 corals around his island Mo’orea in French Polynesia and they have set the goal for themselves to plant one million corals by 2025, all around the world.  In 2021, Titouan officially became a National Geographic Explorer and has recently joined the Rolex Perpetual Planet Initiative. He was recently recognized by the United Nations at the Young Activists Summit in Geneva.