Michael Vegh

Michael Vegh – Q̓án̓ístisḷa – is from Heiltsuk Nation, a remote Indigenous community on the central coast of what is now called British Columbia. Michael is the Háɫcístut Implementation Manager for Heiltsuk Tribal Council, overseeing 55 projects related to economic development, Heiltsuk language revitalization, housing, marine and fisheries operations, and self-governance. Michael is also the Energy Implementation Advisor for the Heiltsuk Climate Action Team and the lead author for the Heiltsuk Community Energy Plan.  Michael is a recipient of Corporate Knight’s Top 30 Under 30 Award and the Future of Good’s 21 Young Impact Leaders Award. He is currently on the Board of Directors at Nature United, and has been appointed to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s Traditional Ecological Knowledge Expert Group. Michael puts his passion towards the empowerment of Indigenous governance and worldviews, which is essential to create a just and sustainable world.