Electronic posters (E-posters) facilitate the sharing of stories, knowledge and information using an innovative visual format. E-posters will be displayed in the ballroom foyer for a 2-hour session where participants can interact with E-Posters on large touchscreens while engaged in discussion with E-Poster presenters.

Artivist for the Oceans
Assessing the Ecological Effects of An Experimental Scallop Ranching Project in Torbay, South West Uk
#Coastie: A New Citizen Science Program to Monitor Coastal Change and Climate Change Impacts
The Critical Role of Natural History Collections and Taxonomy in Supporting Marine Biodiversity Conservation
From Knowledge to Action for Marine Protected Areas
‘Ohana wa’a voyagers
Overcoming Challenges in Managing 2.8 Million Square Kilometres of Australian Marine Parks
Predictive Risk Analysis for Effective Illegal Fishing Deterrence in Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas
The Prediction From the Youth for Climate Change and Water Resources for Comprehensive Ocean Conservation
Small Plastics, Big Problem: A Canadian Tour of Initiatives On Marine Litter and Plastics Within Parks Canada’s Coastal and Marine Protected Areas
The State of Protected and Conserved Areas in the Wider Caribbean (September 2019)
Victoria’s Marine National Park System – Twenty Years of Tests and Triumphs
Why Protect Western Hudson Bay? the Global Significance of Canada’s Great Inland Sea