Protecting Blue Nature Episodes 3 & 4 available now!

Welcome to the next two episodes Protecting Blue Nature podcast, a show that tackles the challenges facing the world ocean today and features the people and organizations who are creating solutions for a sustainable blue future.

Many countries have signaled a commitment to protecting 30% of the land and sea by 2030.

As nations commit to these ambitious protection targets, the challenge of addressing the twin crisis of biodiversity loss and climate change using resources and tools that are sustainable, inclusive and resilient at times can seem insurmountable.

Enter the work of Britt Wray and Tammy Norgard, both of whom emphasize a way of thinking we know well at IMPAC5: we achieve more and effect positive change for the world ocean when we work together.

Episode 3 – Britt Wray

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“Climate emotions are not all negative so to speak. There are also these other positive and uplifting experiences. Protecting coral reefs is an act of love. Feeling the injustice [of climate events] is a fierce, protective, caring and nurturing instinct.”

Britt Wray is a climate psychologist and IMPAC5 keynote speaker who researches the complex array of emotions felt in the face of climate change and how we can channel emotions into collective environmental action and change.

Wray leads a Chair’s Special Initiative on Climate and Mental Health in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of Stanford University School of Medicine. She holds a PhD in science communication from the University of Copenhagen and a certificate in Climate Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has hosted several podcasts, radio and TV programs with the BBC and CBC, is a TED speaker, and writes Gen Dread, a newsletter about finding hope on the far side of climate grief.

Episode 4 – Tammy Norgard

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For over 25 years Norgard has worked as a biologist on the B.C. coast with and for many Coastal First Nations. Norgard is now the Section Head of the Marine Spatial Ecology and Analysis section at Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  Norgard works with researchers, Indigenous knowledge holders and community partners along the British Columbia coast to study, share and protect distinct marine ecosystems. Norgard will lead a session at IMPAC5 about building partnerships and strategies for effective monitoring of MPAs. 

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In the weeks leading up to IMPAC5, we’re connecting with IMPAC5 keynotes, speakers, as well as community innovators and experts working in marine protection and other ocean-related sectors.

The podcast explores IMPAC5 themes and streams in eight distinct episodes that include conversations between special guests and podcast hosts Aneri Garg and Isabelle Groc.