Help us protect the ocean… in style!

For a very limited time, IMPAC5 is offering Congress attendees, and anyone who loves the ocean, a chance to show their support for marine conservation.

IMPAC5 T-shirts, water bottles, mugs and tote bags

Sourced from ethical and equitable suppliers, IMPAC5 T-shirts, water bottles, mugs and tote bags will be available for order through our online shop until 21 December 2022. This is a zero waste program, so all items will be made to order and will be delivered for you to pick up at the Congress in Vancouver in February 2023. Having your own bottle and/or mug at the Congress will reduce washing and energy use.

If you’re attending virtually, or if you can’t attend but still want to show your support, we are also offering the option for home delivery within Canada and the United States. These products will arrive after the Congress.

IMPAC5 T-shirts and tote bags are made from natural and upcycled materials, while our durable, reusable mugs and bottles will keep disposable alternatives out of the landfill, the ocean and ultimately the food chain.

All products feature IMPAC5’s official humpback whale logo, a design collaboration between Roger Handling and Bronwyn Handling of Terra Firma Digital Arts and Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee of Nahanee Creative. Learn more about the story behind our logo.

Show your marine protection pride and order your IMPAC5 memorabilia today!